Apink's Kim Nam-joo to release second solo single 'Bad'

Singer Kim Nam-joo from girl group Apink [IST ENTERTAINMENT]

Singer Kim Nam-joo of girl group Apink will release her second single “Bad” on March 18.

Her last music release was her solo debut single “Bird” in September 2020.

Logo for Kim Nam-joo's upcoming single ″Bad″ [CHOI CREATIVE LAB]

The singer uploaded the single’s logo to her social media page on Monday along with its release date and title.

Kim debuted as a member of girl group Apink under IST Entertainment in 2011 with the EP “Seven Springs of Apink." She started her career as an actress through the web drama “Detective Alice” (2015) and has since starred in the musical “Midnight Sun” (2022).

She signed with her current agency Choi Creative Lab last year along with fellow Apink members Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi and Oh Ha-young.

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