ATBO returns with first winter-themed single


Boy band ATBO has returned as “winter deliverymen” to deliver warmth to listeners with its first single, “Must Have,” according to the members.

“We are so excited to release our first-ever seasonal song,” member Ryu Jun-min said in a news release on Monday.

"'Warmth' is how I want to explain this album, because this album is filled with our ambition as 'winter deliverymen' to make this winter a warm one for everyone,” Seok Rak-won said.

“Must Have,” released Monday, is the band’s first new music in six months since its third EP, “The Beginning: Soaring,” was released on May 18.

The single consists of four winter songs, including its lead track, “Must Have Love.”

“Must Have Love” is a remake of a 2006 song by Gain of Brown Eyed Girls and Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe. The newly remade version was reinterpreted through ATBO’s own color, according to ATBO's agency, IST Entertainment.

“We worked hard on capturing the bright energy and color of our group in the song,” Bae Hyun-jun said. “We hope the album will become a winter playlist staple for many people.”

Members Bae Hyun-jun and Oh Jun-seok also participated in writing the song's rap, which was not featured in its original version.

“I tried to write lyrics that can deliver warmth to people, and I hope they do so,” said Bae, who helped write the rap's lyrics.

“The rap, and various interesting choreographies that were not featured in the original version, are some of the points for people to look out for,” Won Bin said.

The new album also aims to return the love and support that the group received from its fans this year, per IST Entertainment.

“We came back with an album full of happiness that we want to deliver to BOAT [the group’s official fan club],” Oh Jun-seok said.

“We hope the fans can have a warm and happy winter with us.”

Seven-member boy band ATBO debuted in July 2022 under IST Entertainment through the agency's boy band audition program, “The Origin” (2022). The band members are Oh Jun-seok, Ryu Jun-min, Bae Hyun-jun, Seok Rak-won, Jeong Seung-hwan, Kim Yeonkyu and Won Bin. The boy band has dropped three albums since its debut, all under the series “The Beginning.”

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