Big Bang's G-Dragon to drop an album later this year

Singer-songwriter and rapper G-Dragon [NEWS1]

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will make his solo comeback in seven years with an album later this year, his agency, Galaxy Corporation, said Wednesday.

The rapper is currently preparing for his comeback and aims to drop a new album in the latter half of this year, according to Galaxy Corporation. A specific date was not given.

The agency said there was a possibility of G-Dragon going on a world tour, but added that nothing has been set yet. It also dismissed reports made earlier on Wednesday that G-Dragon would hold concerts and meet and greets in Japan this year.

“The concerts and meet and greets in Japan have not been confirmed,” the company said. “It is a possibility as part of his [comeback] activities, but we cannot officially confirm anything at this moment.”

G-Dragon, also known as GD or his real name Kwon Ji-yong, has been active in the Korean hip-hop scene since 2001. He debuted as a member of boy band Big Bang, one of Korea’s most prolific acts, in 2008. A year later, he debuted as a solo artist with his first full-length album, "Heartbreaker," in 2009.

He left YG Entertainment, his agency of 17 years where he debuted under Big Bang and as a solo artist, in December last year and signed with Galaxy Corporation.

His most recent music release as a solo artist was his second EP, “Kwon Ji Yong,” in June 2017.

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