Brand New Music to drop annual end-of-year single 'White Christmas'

Agency Brand New Music's poster for its annual end-of-year project “White Christmas” [BRANDNEW MUSIC]

Korean hip-hop label Brand New Music will release its annual end-of-year project single "White Christmas," the agency said Friday.

Artists under Brand New Music — Bumkey, Muzie, Yang Da-il, Vincent Blue, Woong and Daehwi of boy band AB6IX and Eunho and Eunsang of boy band Younite — will participate in the project.

The agency said it will reproduce the famed Christmas carol "White Christmas."

Brand New Music's "White Christmas" will become available on various music streaming platforms on Monday at 6 p.m.

Brand New Music was founded in 2003 by rapper Rhymer, also known as Kim Se-hwan. It manages artists like Bumkey, Han Dong-geun, Hanhae, Verbal Jint, Vincent Blue, Yang Da-il, Yang Dong-geun and groups AB6IX, As One, Eluphant and Younite.

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