Boy band Younite to drop sixth EP 'Another' in May

Boy band Younite [BRAND NEW MUSIC]

Boy band Younite will release its sixth EP, “Another,” on May 1, the band’s agency Brand New Music said Thursday.

This is the band’s first music release in seven months after its fifth EP, “BIT Part.2,” dropped in October last year.

Boy band Younite released teaser clips for its upcoming EP, ″Another,″ pictured top, and its track, ″Why you Geekin.″ [BRAND NEW MUSIC]

A logo animation for Younite’s new EP was uploaded to the band’s social media pages at midnight on Wednesday. A teaser video for the band’s upcoming track, “Why you Geekin,” had been uploaded on Monday after the song’s release was first announced at the band’s fan concert on Saturday.

Nine-member band Younite debuted in 2022 with its first EP, “Youni-Birth.” The band's name, Younite, is a combination of 'you' and 'unite,' and contains the band's wish to be with its fans at all times.

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