BTS makes history as 'Butter' tops Oricon's five-year chart


BTS topped Oricon’s five-year singles chart with its single “Butter” (2021), the band’s agency, BigHit Music, said Friday.

The milestone makes BTS the first non-Japanese artist to top Oricon’s five-year rankings, which calculates the most popular single in Japan over five years based on CD sales. The Reiwa rankings, named after the Reiwa era of the Japanese calendar, calculated CD sales between May 2019 and January 2024.

“Butter” includes four tracks in total: a digital single of the same name, “Permission to Dance” (2021) and instrumental versions of the two songs.

The four-track compilation beat Japanese pop duo Yoasobi’s single “Into the Night” (2019) to clench the top spot.

The boy band’s single “Dynamite,” released in August 2020, placed fourth in the rankings.

Oricon also published a list of the most streamed songs of the last five years in the country on Friday. BTS’s digital single “Dynamite” was the third most-streamed song in Japan, having been played more than 760 million times. The band’s tracks “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” placed ninth and 24th, respectively.

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