BTS members rumored to unite to celebrate Jin's discharge from military


The seven members of BTS are rumored to gather on Wednesday to celebrate the end of Jin’s mandatory military service, according to a report by local news outlet Dispatch on Monday.

The other six members applied for a leave of absence, the exclusive report stated.

BigHit Music, the band's agency, did not confirm the report.

Jin enlisted in December 2022 and served in the military for 18 months. On Wednesday, he will be back as a civilian.

There will be no official discharge ceremony.

The members are expected to gather at an undisclosed venue somewhere in Seoul to “avoid congestion concerns,” the report said.

Jin will resume his schedules as a BTS member with a fan hug event slated for Thursday at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Songpa District, southern Seoul, as part of the band’s annual “Festa” celebration.

The singer is reported to be in preparation for a solo album for the latter half of this year.

J-Hope is the next member in line to be discharged from the military in October. All seven members will have completed their military services by June 2025.

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