BTS’s Monochrome pop-up event opens in Bangkok

Visitors at boy band BTS's Monochrome pop-up event, held at Seongsu-dong, eastern Seoul, on its opening day, April 26. [YONHAP]

Boy band BTS’s Monochrome pop-up event landed at the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday. The event will run through June 23.

The event succeeds the Monochrome pop-up that opened in Seongu-dong, eastern Seoul, on April 26.

The Bangkok version also consists of a photo exhibition of the members’ portraits in black and white, art installations under the monochrome theme, and a space where visitors can take photos and buy merchandise, according to its co-organizer Innocean on Friday.

The exhibition will showcase large prints of the black-and-white photo shoot the seven members partook in before beginning their military service.

The store is designed with sets reminiscent of a logistics center, including conveyor belts, which add to the concept of BTS “delivering” shared memories to ARMY. Merchandise such as storage boxes and rolls of tape add to the ambiance.

Poster for the Monochrome pop-up event in Thailand [HYBE]

The Monochrome pop-up event will also take place in Tokyo, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Manila.

All BTS members are currently carrying out their military service, with member Jin scheduled to finish in June of this year. Members have continued to drop music while in the military, with RM set to release his second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person,” on May 24.

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