BTS's 'Spring Day' reaches seventh year on Melon Top 100

Boy band BTS's image for ″You Never Walk Alone″ (2017) [BIGHIT MUSIC]

BTS's 2017 love serenade "Spring Day" has been sitting on Melon's Daily Top 100 chart, Korea's largest streaming service, every day for seven consecutive years, the only song to achieve this feat.

"Spring Day" sat at No. 65 on the daily chart on Tuesday, seven years since the song first dropped on Feb. 13, 2017, as the lead track of "You Never Walk Alone" (2017), the repackaged version of its second full-length album.

The song has been streamed 969.3 million times so far, the highest number for any song available on Melon, according to the band's agency BigHit Music.

The song had been a major pivot in style from the powerful, masculine hip-hop tracks that the band had chosen as lead tracks of their album prior to "Spring Day," such as "No More Dream" (2013), "Fire" (2016) and "Blood, Sweat and Tears" (2016).

"BTS became an iconic artist that embraces all generations since 'Spring Day,'" BigHit Music said in a press release.

"The band's hope to make a song that will be played for a long time among Korean people has become true. It remains with us with a resonance that goes beyond music."

All members of BTS are currently serving their military duties and are expected to have finished by June 2025.

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