Contract between Infinite's Seongjong and SPK Entertainment officially ends

Seongjong of boy band Infinite [W&]

The contract between Seongjong of boy band Infinite and agency SPK Entertainment officially ended on March 29 at midnight after a local court sided with the singer earlier this year, according to his PR agency W&.

Seongjong, whose real name is Lee Seong-jong, filed for an injunction to his exclusive contract with SPK Entertainment after the company failed to pay him for his activities or provide him with the necessary budget for his music, according to W&.

A suit demanding the company provide two years of payments is still ongoing, the PR agency said. Seongjong signed with SPK Entertainment in August 2022 and has not been properly paid since, W& said.

Seongjong debuted as a member of the boy band Infinite in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment.

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