Infinite's Seongjong terminates contract with SPK Entertainment

Seongjong of boy band Infinite [INFINITE COMPANY]

Infinite's Seongjong is terminating his exclusive contract with his agency, citing delayed payments and the company’s lack of care.

“I signed my exclusive contract with SPK Entertainment in August 2022 [...] based on the trust in the agency's promise that they will fully support my future activities,” Seongjong said in a statement Tuesday.

“But unlike the promises made, I could not receive the necessary support required for me to appear on broadcasts, hold fan meetings or release albums from SPK Entertainment from the day I signed the contract. [The agency] also ignored my request to resolve refund issues regarding my canceled fan meeting."

Seongjong said that he has already sent official documents to the agency multiple times in an attempt to terminate the exclusive contract. SPK Entertainment, however, made clear that it had no desire to negotiate the matter.

The artist added that he has been diligent with his activities despite the agency's lack of support. He released his first solo single, “The One,” in 2023, and completed a solo tour in Europe shortly after.

Seongjong was also active as a member of Infinite and joined the band's “13egin” album activities and concerts last year.

“The agency also did not provide any payout-related, data nor did it sort out and provide me with the necessary payments,” the singer said, adding that he also did not receive the initial contract payment from the agency.

“I asked the agency to rectify the issues regarding the breaching of the contract in early December, [but] the agency avoided answers, and I was left with no choice but to notify the agency to terminate my exclusive contract,” Seongjong said.

“As my trust with SPK Entertainment has broken down, I will be taking legal actions through my legal representatives in the near days,” he said.

“I can only express my sincere apologies to my fans who love and support me. I also would like to thank everyone who has been sending me messages of support.”

Seongjong debuted as a member of boy band Infinite in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. He signed with SPK Entertainment in September 2022.

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