Han So-hee's agency speaks out on behalf of actor after recent outburst

Actor Han So-hee [BOUCHERON]

Actor Han So-hee's agency explained a recent "bad attitude" moment she showed during a jewelry brand event held last week where she shouted at the crowd to be quiet.

A short clip of the actor at an event hosted by jewelry brand Boucheron on Friday shows Han shouting at someone outside of the camera frame to be quiet, before posing for a photo. The video left some viewers on social media commenting that she had a "bad attitude."

"The video only shows a single moment within the whole context," her agency 9ATO Entertainment told the press on Tuesday. “We think there was a misunderstanding."

“[Han] was not shouting at a specific person. It was getting overcrowded during the event. The staff on-site also thought [the overcrowding] was a matter of concern and were cautiously taking the appropriate measures."

9ATO Entertainment then explained that other staff members were also asking people to be quiet as attempts at communication were being drowned out by the loud room.

“Han So-hee said ‘please be quiet’ after such communication efforts could not be heard,” the agency said. “The party ended in a good mood.”

Han recently starred in the Netflix original series “Gyeongseong Creature” (2023-24). She works as a brand ambassador for Boucheron, Dior Beauty and FILA, among others.