HYBE's 'The City' project to feature Seventeen-themed river cruise

A Seventeen cafe held as part of Seventeen's ″The City″ project in Tokyo [HYBE JAPAN]

HYBE's “The City” project, featuring boy band Seventeen, is being held in Korea for the first time and will run through April 12.

“The City” is a recurring series of promotional events that HYBE organizes in various cities where its artists perform in while touring. A Seventeen-themed version, titled “Seventeen the City,” has been held across cities in Thailand and Japan but now appears in Korea for the first time as the band's Incheon concerts, scheduled for March 30 and 31, approach.

“The City” aims to transform the entire city in which the band performs into a “concert play park,” HYBE said in a news release Tuesday. The event will feature programs including a cruise party, a photo exhibition and trains decorated with the members’ faces.

HYBE's "Seventeen Follow the City" project will be held in Incheon and Seoul through April 12 [HYBE]

Overseas fans can start the experience at Incheon International Airport; the exterior and interior of select airport railroad express trains will be covered with images of Seventeen’s members from March 28 through April 2, according to HYBE. The company has also partnered with i.M to decorate some taxis that take fans between Seoul and Incheon according to “the Seventeen theme” from Thursday through April 6.

Program schedule for ″Seventeen Follow the City″ [HYBE]

The main feature of the event will be a cruise party held on the eve of the concert. The boat will leave from Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal and traverse the Han River. Seventeen’s main producer and songwriter, Bumzu, and producer and DJ Jin Rico will remix Seventeen songs throughout the ride, according to HYBE.

“Seventeen the City” also includes a photo exhibition titled “Follow Fellow,” open from Wednesday through April 12 at The Seouliteum gallery in Seongsu-dong, eastern Seoul. The exhibition will feature behind-the-scenes photos of the members preparing for the “Follow” world tour that ended in January in Macao.

A “lounge” consisting of a resting area, photo zone and merchandise booth will be open to the public at IGIS's Seongsu Factorial building, also in Seongsu-dong, from March 29 to April 6.

Fans can also buy merchandise at Seventeen's concerts and the “Artist-made collection by Seventeen” pop-up in Gangnam District, southern Seoul.

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