IVE to release second EP 'IVE Switch' on April 29

Girl group IVE will drop its second EP ″IVE Switch″ on April 29. [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

IVE is hoping to return to the charts with its second EP “IVE Switch” on April 29.

“IVE Switch” will be the girl group’s first Korean music since the October release of its first EP, “I’ve Mine.”

Scenes from IVE's teaser video for its upcoming second EP ″IVE Switch,″ set for release on April 29. [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

The EP's teaser video released Thursday showed a white book with the title "Switch." Six colored gems all come together to form a key, opening the book and unpacking a castle from inside.

IVE’s previous music releases saw strong sales: “After Like” (2022), “I AM” (2023) and “I’ve Mine” all sold over a million copies in the first week of release, with “I’ve Mine” currently being the third most-sold K-pop girl group album in the first week of release, at 1.60 million units. IVE’s lead tracks are also familiar faces in streaming charts, with “I AM” and “Kitsch” (2023) all achieving “perfect all-kill” status on local streaming charts after topping Korea’s major daily and real-time streaming charts.

IVE is currently on its first world tour “Show What I Have,” which the group kicked off with performances in Seoul on Oct. 7 last year. After performing in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and six cities around the United States — ending with a concert on March 29 at the Prudential Center in Newark — the girl group is set to continue the tour in France on June 4 and go on to perform in Europe, Latin America, Australia and before returning to Japan for an encore concert at the Tokyo Dome.

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