Jimin, Jungkook say 'goodbye' to fans before enlisting on Tuesday

BTS's Jimin, left, and Jungkook [SCREEN CAPTURE]

BTS's Jimin and Jungkook, the band's last two members to enlist, bid farewell to fans on Monday, a day before entering military boot camps.

"Goodbye! I'll come back soon and well," Jimin said during a live stream on Weverse.

All members of BTS will be serving in the military as of Tuesday.

"It feels like I'm being separated from the [fans] that I have known for 10 to 11 years," Jimin added.

"Starting early means that the time we can reunite as a team and work together will also come earlier," Jimin said. "And I'm joining the military with Jungkook, so I have somebody to rely on a lot."

"I am grateful to have so many people to say goodbye to and to welcome me back," he added.

Jimin also revealed his new short hair look during the livestream.

Jungkook also held a livestream session on Weverse on the same day.

"All members of the band will be serving in the military as of tomorrow," he said. "I'm thankful [to all the fans] for their support and love until before I enter."

"I'll miss you guys," he added. "I'll come back strong and solid."

RM and V started their military service on Monday.

They kept a low profile, heading straight into boot camps without getting out of their vehicles to say goodbye to fans or speak to reporters.

Jin, the first to enlist in the band, is slated to complete his service in June. J-Hope will finish in October, and Suga will finish in June 2025. Suga has to serve longer, as he has to spend a total of 21 months as a social service agent.

All members will have their mandatory military service completed by 2025.

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