K-pop girl group Le Sserafim selected to promote NBA in Asia Pacific

Girl group Le Sserafim is partnering with the NBA as part of its "Friends to the NBA" program. [SOURCE MUSIC]

Girl group Le Sserafim will work as the NBA’s newest ambassador, its agency Source Music said Friday.

The group is the second K-pop act to promote the league in the Asia Pacific following BTS's Suga, who was selected as an ambassador in April 2023.

According to Source Music, Le Sserafim was selected for the organization’s “Friends of the NBA” program. The program is a collaborative project between the NBA, influencers and celebrities aimed at extending the league’s outreach in the Asia-Pacific region.

As friends of the NBA, the members will attend NBA games and events, promote the league’s activities and feature in the organization’s exclusive promotional content on the NBA’s social media.

The members will also promote the league through their personal social media channels.

“We enjoyed our time at an NBA match in Los Angeles last year,” the group said in its agency’s press release on Friday.

“We look forward to the many more experiences with NBA fans all over the world.”

Tammy Henault, the NBA’s chief marketing officer, also shared her enthusiasm about the collaboration.

“We are thrilled to work with Le Sserafim, a group that embodies youth, dynamism and a genuine passion for the NBA. This partnership symbolizes the fusion of music, culture and sports, and we look forward to uniting NBA and K-pop fans worldwide,” she said.

A more detailed itinerary of Le Sserafim’s activities with the NBA will be released at a later date, with updates appearing on the group’s page on the NBA’s website.

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