Keena of Fifty Fifty donates 10 million won to Korean Red Cross

Girl group Fifty Fifty's Keena [ATTRAKT]

Girl group Fifty Fifty's Keena donated 10 million won ($7,700) to the Korean Red Cross to help young people set to leave institutional care and prepare for life as independent adults.

The money came from Keena’s first paycheck since debuting in November 2022. She considered the donation to be a meaningful way to use the money, according to a press release from the Korean Red Cross on Monday.

“I am grateful to everyone who helped me and gave me the opportunity to use the money in such a meaningful way,” Keena said in the press release.

“I hope teenagers who are getting ready to face the harsh world never give up on their dreams and keep challenging themselves.”

Fifty Fifty's career took off with its song "Cupid," which charted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart less than a year after the group's debut last November. Its career was abruptly halted after the members filed for an injunction to end their contracts with the agency, Attrakt, on June 19. Keena dropped her case against the agency and returned back on Oct. 16 and received her first payment in November.

The other three members — Aran, Sio and Saena — had their contracts terminated by Attrakt on Oct. 19.

Keena attended the 2023 Billboard Music Awards alone on Nov. 19.

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