New band ASC2NT will depict 'the courage to find hope' in debut single May 7

Boy band ASC2NT will debut in May [NEW WAYS COMPANY]

Boy band ASC2NT will debut with its single “Expecting Tomorrow” on May 7, the band’s agency, New Ways Company, said Tuesday.

ASC2NT, pronounced “ascent,” consists of members Karam, Injun and Jay from boy band The Boss, also known as DGNA. The three first debuted as members of the band Xing in 2007 before making a second debut as The Boss in 2010.

The three members received wider attention after participating in JTBC’s audition program “Peak Time,” which aims to shed light on lesser-known bands that have already debuted.

Two new members, Reon and Kyle, will complete the final five-member lineup for ASC2NT, according to New Ways Company.


A schedule for ASC2NT’s upcoming promotional activities and media content for “Expecting Tomorrow” was uploaded to the band’s social media pages at midnight on Monday.

According to the schedule, concept photos, video clips that showcase each member, the single’s tracklist and a teaser for the music video will be released before “Expecting Tomorrow” drops on May 7.

“Expecting Tomorrow” depicts “the courage to find hope, even in the dark, and the process of overcoming difficulties,” New Ways Company said in a news release. The band hopes to deliver, through the single, the passion and hope needed to achieve dreams.

“’Expecting Tomorrow’ will accompany those who are on their journey toward their dreams,” ASC2NT's label added.