Three members of boy band DGNA to form new band, ASC2NT

Five-member boy band ASC2NT is set to debut in the first half of 2024. [NEW WAYS COMPANY]

Karam, Injun and Jay of boy band DGNA will join up again to form a new boy band, ASC2NT, the boy band’s agency New Ways Company said Wednesday.

“We’ve recruited Karam, Injun and Jay alongside two new members and will be debuting a five-member boy band ASC2NT,” the agency said in a press release Wednesday.

ASC2NT is preparing to debut in the first half of 2024. The band’s name ASC2NT is derived from the word ascent, combined with the number two, referring to the members’ desire to start their second life as part of the band.

The two remaining members of the band are Reon and Kyle.

Reon will be the rapper and the sub-vocalist of the band, while sub-vocalist Kyle, who can speak Korean, English and Indonesian, will specialize in communicating with the global community, according to the agency.

Karam, Injun and Jay debuted as members of boy band DGNA in 2010. The three members joined JTBC’s boy band audition program “Peak Time” in 2023, but all three members decided to step down from the show after past photos of Jay sparked controversy.

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