New BTS documentary coming to Disney+ in December

Scenes from BTS's upcoming documentary ″BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” [WALT DISNEY COMPANY KOREA]

A documentary series covering the past 10 years of BTS will premiere on Disney+ next month, the band's agency, BigHit Music, said Wednesday.

The documentary, titled “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star,” looks back on the group's journey over the past 10 years and the stories of the members seeking meaning and goals in life, according to the band's agency.

The eight-episode documentary will be available exclusively on Disney+ starting on Dec. 20., with two episodes uploaded every Wednesday.

The main trailer, which shows moments before and after Covid-19 and hints at ways the pandemic affected the band's career, was posted Wednesday.

Jin is shown saying, “With everything put aside, I’m living like this, without meeting anyone,” after the group's “Map of the Soul” tour was canceled due to Covid-19.

“I feel like we’ve been holding on all this time and working that much harder to finally see this,” V said after the group resumed its tour.

The trailer also includes scenes of members focusing on their personal lives and solo careers.

“For me, it’s a time of self-discovery. For all of us,” Suga said in the trailer video.

Disney+ released separate documentaries about J-hope and Suga, titled “J-Hope in the Box” and “Suga: Road to D-Day” earlier this year.

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