n.SSign's Doha to miss 'Happy &' EP promo, citing health issues

Boy band n.SSign in a promotional image for the band's second EP ″Happy &″ [N.CH ENTERTAINMENT]

Doha of boy band n.SSign will not participate in the group's promotional activities for its upcoming EP "Happy &" due to health issues.

“n.SSign will start comeback activities as an eight-member group without member Doha,” n.CH Entertainment said in a press release on Tuesday.

The agency’s notice was also posted to n.SSign’s official fan site.

“Doha had been continuing activities while going for regular checkups and receiving treatment for not feeling well and for health reasons, but received a doctor’s note that rest is necessary for the time being,” the notice read.

“The company determined the artist’s health to be of top priority, and after careful discussions with the artist, decided he should focus on his treatment and recovery."

The agency asked for understanding and support from fans and said the company would do its best so that Doha may recover.

This is not Doha’s first time taking a break due to health concerns. He took time off in October last year.

n.SSign debuted as a ten-member boy band in August last year. The team was initially formed through Channel A’s audition program “Youth Star” (2022) with seven members before adding three new faces before the debut. The band members are Kazuta, Eddie, Doha, Junhyeok, Robin, Hanjun, Laurence, Huiwon, Sungyun and Hyun.

The band’s second EP “Happy &” will drop on Thursday, with three title tracks “Happy &,” “Funk Jam” and “Love, Love, Love Love Love!”

Member Hyun did not participate in the production of “Happy &” and will not join in the comeback activities, also citing health issues.

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