‘Our best performance’: Le Sserafim’s Sakura defends divisive Coachella debut

Le Sserafim's Sakura [YONHAP]

Le Sserafim’s Sakura defended the group’s first Coachella performance, held over the weekend, against criticism, calling it the girl group’s best stage performance yet.

The member uploaded a long post in Japanese to fan community platform Weverse on Monday.

Touching upon what it means to perform on the largest U.S. musical festival’s prestigious stage, the singer reflected on how she learned and grew in the process of preparing for Coachella.

"What does it truly mean to stand on stage? Is it to present a flawlessly polished image? To bring joy to the audience? Or is it to execute the performance flawlessly, without a single hitch?"

“Standards may vary depending on the person. But as for me, I wanted to create a performance that, regardless of whether the audience knew us or our songs, they could think, ‘This was fun. It was an unforgettable amazing day.’ And I believe my determination came through, and we were able to stage the best performance.”

Sakura then agreed that the performance may not have been up to par in some people’s eyes, but defended the members’ work and reiterated her belief in herself and the determination she holds.

“No one is perfect, but the performance we held as a group was undoubtedly our best stage [performance] yet.”

“While walking the Coachella Plaza, some people told us that the performance we held last night was the best. Just hearing that moved me deeply.”

“No matter what anyone else thinks, I will believe in what I feel. That is how I came here. I will not betray myself, and I will continue to believe in myself.”

Le Sserafim made its Coachella debut with a performance on Saturday. The girl group was the fastest-invited K-pop act to perform at the music festival, just two years after its debut. [SOURCE MUSIC]

Le Sserafim made its Coachella debut with a 40-minute performance last Saturday. The group performed a total of 10 songs including hits “Antifragile” (2023), “Fearless” (2022) and “Unforgiven” with guest star Nile Rodgers, as well as its unreleased track “1-800-hot-n-fun.”

The group was praised by some media outlets for putting on a more candid production that veered from the group’s more reserved performances, but were also heavily criticized, particularly for the members’ live vocals.

Le Sserafim is set to hold another performance at the festival on April 20.

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