Pentagon's Kino starts anew with new agency and concert

Kino of boy band Pentagon [NAKED]

Kino of boy band Pentagon will start a new chapter in his career with his own agency and new music.

Kino established his new agency named Naked and opened up official accounts on various social media platforms at 12:01 a.m. Friday. The name Naked embodies Kino's urge to be unapologetically himself and approach the public with honesty, according to the artist.

"I have such high hopes for my future with Naked," Kino said in a press release. "I will show you new sides of myself never before unleashed, and I hope for your love and support."

Kino will be performing on Dec. 22 at the Zepp Haneda music venue in Japan. He will also meet with Korean fans at the Musinsa Garage in western Seoul in a concert on Jan. 27 titled "Born Naked."

Kino debuted as a member of boy band Pentagon on Oct. 10, 2016. Seven members of Pentagon left their former agency Cube Entertainment after their exclusive contracts finished earlier this year.

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