Pikachus join Enhypen onstage at final concert of 'Fate' world tour

Human sized Pikachus joined the Enhypen members on stage for the band's performance of ″One and Only.″ [BELIFT LAB]

Boy band Enhypen concluded its second world tour, “Fate,” in New Clark City on Saturday, having enamored 327,000 fans through 21 concerts in 13 cities over the past six months.

The grand finale took place at the New Clark City Athletics Stadium. Fireworks decorated the band’s last song of the concert and tour, “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)” (2022), according to the band's agency, Belift Lab.

Enhypen members spoke in both Tagalog and English to communicate to their fans, nicknamed Engene, in the Philippines.

“While preparing for the concert in the Philippines, which has been a year in the making, we wanted to show how much we’ve grown,” members said during the last stop of the tour. “We will continue to try our best to become the pride of Engene as Enhypen.

“We were so happy during the six months on the Fate tour. We would like to thank Engene worldwide. Our gratitude and love for Engene grew as the tour went on; we would like if today’s performance remained a happy and precious memory [for the fans],” they added.

The band held concerts in six cities in the United States during October as well as in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China and the Philippines in addition to Korea.

Enhypen's last leg of its second world tour, ″Fate,″ ended in New Clark City in the Philippines on Saturday. [BELIFT LAB]

Staff wearing Pikachu costumes joined the members on stage for their performance of “One and Only” (2023) during concerts in Asia, and local songs tailored to their regional audiences were also performed in some venues. David Tao’s “I Love You” (1997) made an appearance in Taipei, and the Cantonese version of Kozo Murashita’s “First Love” (1983) was performed in Macao.

Two “encore” concerts will be held at The KSPO Dome in Songpa District, southern Seoul, on Feb. 24 and Feb. 25 with the title “Fate Plus.” Both concerts will be livestreamed on Weverse for fans who cannot attend in-person.

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