Rapper Jessi ends contract with agency More Vision

Rapper Jessi, right, and Jay Park [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Rapper Jessi ended her exclusive contract with More Vision, an agency established by rapper Jay Park, after nine months of working together.

“We inform you that as of Jan. 31, 2024, More Vision and Jessi have mutually decided to terminate the exclusive management contract,” the agency said on Instagram on Wednesday.

“[The company] will wholeheartedly continue to support Jessi’s endeavors, and we truly appreciate your unwavering interest and support for Jessi’s future,” it added.

Jessi signed an exclusive contract with More Vision last April, after leaving P Nation in July 2022.

P Nation is an agency that was founded by “Gangnam Style” singer Psy.

Jessi debuted in 2005 with the EP “Get Up.” She was briefly a member of the hip-hop group Uptown in 2006 and then was a member of hip-hop trio Lucky J from 2014 to 2016. Her breakthrough came in 2015 through her appearance in Mnet’s highly successful rap competition show “Unpretty Rapstar,” in which she finished in second place. She released songs such as "Life Is Good” (2009), “Nunu Nana” (2020), “Cold Blooded” (2021) and “Zoom” (2022). The rapper's latest music “GUM” was released on Oct. 25 last year.

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