Singer Soojin to release second EP, 'Rizz,' in late May

Singer Soojin for Deling Magazine [BRD ENTERTAINMENT]

Singer Soojin will release her second EP, “Rizz,” at 6 p.m. on May 23, her agency BRD Entertainment said Monday.

“Rizz” comes six months after the former (G)I-DLE member launched her solo career with her first EP, “Agassy,” in November last year. Soojin has since been holding fan meetups and concerts outside of Korea to promote “Agassy.”

Official logo for Soojin's upcoming EP ″Rizz [BRD ENTERTAINMENT]

A motion logo was uploaded to Soojin’s social media pages on Monday. Promotional content for the EP will be released through the singer’s social media and YouTube channel.

“Much like the album’s title, which means ‘an ability to charm people,’ Soojin will woo her fans with multifaceted charms that are sometimes intense, other times loving," BRD Entertainment said.

Soojin debuted as a member of girl group (G)I-DLE in 2018 but left the group in 2021 after facing allegations of school violence. Cube Entertainment terminated her exclusive contract the following year.

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