Soojin, former (G)I-DLE member, to start solo career with album 'Agassy'

Soojin, former member of (G)I-DLE, announced her solo debut and is scheduled to release her album ″Agassy″ on Nov. 8. [BRD COMMUNICATIONS]

Soojin, former member of girl group (G)I-DLE, is gearing up to resume her entertainment career after a two-year hiatus since being swept up in school violence allegations.

On Thursday, her agency BRD unveiled a trailer video for her upcoming album "Agassy," scheduled for release on Nov. 8. In the 16-second video clip, Soojin appears donning a dress reminiscent of Korean traditional dress, hanbok. She is also wearing a traditional Korean hairpin, known as binyeo.

The day before, Soojin created her own YouTube channel "Soojin" and released a dance video clip for one of the album's songs, titled "Black Forest." In the 2-minute black-and-white video, she dances with a number of back dancers who join Soojin in the choreography blindfolded. The video has already attracted some 91,000 views, and the channel has more than 160,000 people as of Friday.

Soojin unveiled a dance video titled "BLACK FOREST." [BRD COMMUNICATIONS]

Soojin faced allegations of school violence in February 2021. Though she denied the allegations, the accusations continued to snowball, eventually leading her to leave the girl group in August the same year. Her exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment was also terminated the following year.

Through her attorney in September of last year, she admitted that she was “not the most diligent of students during middle school” and that she had been involved in school bullying, but was never punished for it.

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