Trot singer Hong Jin-young to feature on MBN show 'Burning Trot Man'

Trot singer Hong Jin-young [YONHAP]

Trot singer Hong Jin-young, who has been on hiatus since late 2020 following an academic plagiarism scandal, will come back to the entertainment scene through the upcoming MBN show “Burning Trot Man” (translated), according to the show’s producers on Monday.

Trot is a genre of upbeat music that is especially popular among middle-aged and elderly Koreans.

“Burning Trot Man” will air on MBN from December and feature male contestants. It was created by Seo Hye-jin, the producer behind TV Chosun’s hit trot competition shows “Miss Trot” (2019) and “Mr. Trot” (2020).

“Hong has joined us as a panel member on ‘Burning Trot Man,’” the show’s producers said in a statement. “She will be making her return to the small screen for the first time in a while.”

Hong, one of the most successful young female singers in the trot scene, is known for her dedication to raising the next generation of talents.

“Hong has a long career and ample experience in writing both the music and lyrics of trot numbers herself,” the producers added. “Based on her in-depth knowledge, she will give the contestants advice that only an active trot singer can. She will also give upbeat energy on set.”

The show will also feature veteran trot singers and composers Nam Jin, Seol Un-do, Shim Soo-bong, Ju Hyun-mi, Cho Hang-jo,Kim Yong-im, Yoon Il-sang and Yoon Myung-sun on the panel team dubbed “legends” and younger singers Lee Seok-hoon, Kim Jun-su, Shin Yu,Park Hyun-bin and Lee Ji-hye as “young blood.” Hong will serve as the middle ground between the two teams.

Hong, who has had a prolific career in both music and television since debuting in 2006, has been taking a break since November 2020 when she faced allegations that she plagiarized for her master’s thesis. She obtained her master’s degree in 2009 but it belatedly became a source of controversy when local outlets reported that it showed a high match rate on plagiarism detection programs.

Hong admitted to all the allegations, returned her degree and stepped down from all the television shows she was starring on. She broke her silence in April with her new single “Viva La Vida,” and “Burning Trot Man” will be her first regular appearance on a TV show since 2020.