Trot singer Na Hoon-a releases dance music video

Na Hoon-a released a dance music video ″Change″ on Friday to celebrate his 55th anniversary since his debut. [DANAL ENTERTAINMENT]

Trot singer Na Hoon-a released a dance music video titled “Change” for the first time to celebrate the 55th anniversary of his debut, his agency Danal Entertainment said Friday.

The track is part of Na’s latest album “Seven-Colored Scent” and is an EDM song about a young person who believes that the power of love could change everything like magic.

The music video features a famous popping crew World Fame Us.

“Seven-Colored Scent,” released on Feb. 22, features seven tracks including “Fighting Match,” “Mother (Wife’s Mother),” “Change” and “Wisdom of Love.”

His other music video for “Fighting Match” was released on the same day as the album.

Na debuted in 1968 and is often referred to as the “Emperor of the Trot,” having a number of hit songs such as “Japcho (Wild weeds)” (1982). He was mostly popular with the older generations, however, after his first TV concert in 14 years which was aired on KBS 2TV in September 2020 during the Chuseok holidays, he garnered the attention of younger viewers. The concert gained a whopping viewership rating of 29 percent, and the songs he sang, such as “Brother Tes!” gained popularity and topped local music streaming sites.