Younite to drop 'Bit Part.2' on Oct. 17

Boy band Younite [NEWS1]

Younite will drop its fifth EP "Bit Part.2" on Oct. 17, the boy band's agency Brand New Music said Tuesday.

The upcoming album will be a continuation of the boy band's fifth EP "Bit Part.1," released in May, with the teaser image for "Part.2" album released Tuesday showing the same pager that first appeared on the music video for "Waterfall," lead track of "Bit Part. 1."

The pager on the teaser image shows the phrase "Love It" alongside a quote on the top of the image that reads, "Whenever you are ready Just tell me."

More information about the upcoming album will be released at a future date.

Younite is a nine-member boy band that debuted in April 2022 with its first EP "Youni-Birth." The band's name, Younite, is a combination of 'you' and 'unite,' signifying the band's wish to be with the fans at all times.

The band consists of members Eunho, Steve, Hyunseung, Eunsang, Hyungseok, Woono, DEY, Kyungmun and Sion. Eunsang was formerly a member of boy band X1, which was formed by the 11 top finalists of Mnet's hit audition show "Produce X 101" (2019).