BabyMonster pop-up store to open in Seoul April 1

Girl group BabyMonster [YG ENTERTAINMENT]

A pop-up store for girl group BabyMonster’s upcoming first EP, “BABYMONS7ER,” will open its doors on April 1, the day of the EP’s release.

The store will be open from April 1 through 10 at The Hyundai Seoul department store in Yeouido, western Seoul, the group's agency, YG Entertainment, said Thursday.


The space will be decorated to reflect the themes of EP and will include a photo zone and an “experiential zone.” Merchandise and physical copies of the EP will be sold at the store. BabyMonster souvenirs will be handed out to participants in on-site events, YG Entertainment said.

There's no need to reserve in advance: Visitors can register to enter whenever they arrive.

“The pop-up is the first event after the group’s debut; it aims to provide a space where BabyMonster’s world of music can be experienced,” YG Entertainment said. “The space has been filled with the members’ personal touch.”

BabyMonster’s upcoming EP will mark the collective debut of all seven performers, including returning member Ahyeon. The seven-track EP, with lead track “Sheesh,” will drop at 12 a.m. on April 1, or on March 31 at midnight.

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