Blackpink's Jennie apologizes for smoking e-cigarette indoors

Jennie gets her makeup done in the video, holding an e-cigarette [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Jennie of girl group Blackpink apologized on Tuesday after coming under fire for smoking an e-cigarette indoors in front of staff.

“We offer a sincere apology to everyone who was discomforted by our content uploaded last Tuesday,” said Odd Atelier, Jennie’s agency, through an official statement.

A short video titled "Jennie Smoking Indoors" began circulating on social media and various online communities on Monday. In the video, Jennie was seen bringing a black object to her mouth and exhaling what appears to be smoke while getting her makeup done.

This video was part of a vlog titled "A Moment in Capri with Jennie," uploaded to Jennie’s YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane Official, last Tuesday. The scene has since been deleted from the video.

The agency admitted that Jennie was in fact smoking and "harming the other staff on the scene."

"Jennie contacted the staff who were at the scene and apologized herself," the agency said. "We also apologize to fans who would have been disappointed and promise to make it up to them through [showing] a matured side [of Jennie]."

The agency did not address a complaint that a netizen claimed to have filed to the Korean embassy in Italy. An online user claimed that they reported Jennie to the Korean embassy in Italy, calling for strict punishment.