'Love you to the moon and back': Xodiac shares letters with fans on first anniversary


Boy band Xodiac celebrated the first anniversary of its debut with handwritten letters to its fans, named X-Bliss.

The letter was uploaded to the band’s social media pages and sent through a press release from its agency, One Cool Jasco Entertainment, on Thursday.

Xodiac members wrote letters to their fans, named X-Bliss, in celebration of the first anniversary of its debut. [ONE COOL JACSO ENTERTAINMENT]

“X-Bliss, love you to the moon and back!” member Zayyan said.

“We would never be standing here without you guys! Your support will always be our energy! This first year has been so colorful and wonderful because of you guys,” he added.

The other members shared their own memories of being uplifted and encouraged by the fans, X-Bliss, also called Ssovely, during their first year of working as a band.

“You know how they say there’s a brilliant springtime of life for each person?” member Gyumin said. “My most glorious moment in life has been after getting to know Ssovely. Let’s make even better memories.”

Xodiac debuted on April 25, 2023, with its digital single “Throw a Dice.” The band has so far released a total of seven digital singles, two singles and one EP that include songs “First Snow” (2023), “Only Fun” (2023), “Lemonade” (2023) and “Special Love” (2023).

The multinational, nine-member band consists of six Korean members, one Indonesian member and two members from Hong Kong, China.

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