NCT 127 wraps up Japanese tour after attracting 260,000 concertgoers

Boy band NCT 127 at its "The Unity" concert held at Tokyo Dome [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy band NCT 127 closed out its Japanese leg of its "The Unity" concert tour to a packed Tokyo Dome.

The band kicked off the "Neo City: Japan - The Unity" tour at the Vantelin Nagoya Dome in January, then held concerts at the Osaka Dome in February before holding its finale concert at the Tokyo Dome in March. Around 260,000 concertgoers in total came to the six concerts, the band’s agency SM Entertainment said.
NCT 127 performed 28 songs for the audience, including some of its biggest hits such as "Punch" (2020), “Superhuman” (2019), “Ay-yo” (2023), “Simon Says” (2018), and “Favorite” (2021). The band also played Japanese tracks “Sunny Road” (2023) and “Chain” (2023) for the local audience, SM Entertainment said.

Boy band NCT 127 wrapped up its Japanese leg of its "The Unity" concert tour at Tokyo Dome. [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

“We are thankful to have been able to perform again at the Tokyo Dome, which was our dream,” the band members said while finishing the concert, according to SM Entertainment.

“The phrase ‘We are always here’ means a lot," the members said, in response to the concert fan slogan prepared by the audience. "We will also be here with you.”

NCT 127 started its "The Unity" tour with six concerts in Seoul before moving on to Japan. The band will continue its tour with concerts in Jakarta, Bulacan, Bangkok and Macao.

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